Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Holocaust Museum, and Its Depressing Tendencies (Beyond Class #2)

I had to go to the Holocaust Museum for a History assignment on my own time. First of all, not only was it pretty creepy because there were like 2 people in the whole museum and one of them was the friend I brought with me. The exhibits were completely dark until you walked right into them and then everything came alive at once and it was pretty scary. I had to push my friend in front of me because I was too scared to go first half the time, and when we got to the tunnel, somehow I got pressured into going first and I did not expect to see a family of people in mannequin form chilling in the tunnel and speaking in German. For some reason just the German language is the scariest thing to me, but maybe because I automatically think of Hitler and murder when I hear it. Enough about my anxiety, The museum did have a lot of information that I didn't know about before. for instance, I did not know that Jehovah's witnesses and Gypsies were also sent to concentration camps. Like, why? I don't really get it. I learned that over 1.5 million children were murdered. That was pretty depressing. I also learned that a lot of Nazi's didn't get too harsh of sentences. Most of them just received a little jail time or something. Of course the high ranking ones were killed or given life but there were only like 12 of them out of like 100 Nazis or something like that. That to me, was also very trifling because every single Nazi helped someone be murdered. Nobody was forced to become a Nazi, forreal. So yeah that was my experience. The End.

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  1. I went to D.C. but we failed to go to the Holocaust museum, which I really wanted too but we didn't have enough time. I always wanted to go; everyone says it depressing and sad well it wasn't a joyful time. It sounds creepy and eerie. I knew they killed a lot of people but not that many children, which is really sad. TI shows how cruel ,corrupt, a heartless people where and still are.